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Boundless Heading to PS4 & PC This September

The craft-based sandbox MMO, Boundless, is heading to PlayStation 4 and PC later this year, developer Wonderstruck has announced. 

The game has been available on Early Access for a number of years now but Square Enix Collective has signed on to publish the PS4 version in September.

“Throughout its Early Access run, we’ve watched players flourish within Boundless’ evolving universe,” says James Austin, Director of Wonderstruck. “Now, with our full launch in September, we’re excited to see where they take the full game - especially given that PC and PS4 gamers will all be operating within the same space, crafting and creating with each other within the same worlds.”

In Boundless, players navigate a universe of connected worlds in which every element such as the politics, the economy, the crafting and the communities, is created and run by the players. Boundless lets players explore, build, craft, trade and collaborate all within a single ecosystem. 

Players can choose to play Boundless however they wish, founding settlements with allies, expanding economies, crafting technology or simply living a nomadic life in the wild. More so, Skill Trees offer players an upgrade path to follow however they choose.

“For a game like Boundless, which relies on the community to create a constantly evolving universe, allowing every player, in every region, on every platform, to play together was always vital,” says Phil Elliott, Director of Indie Publishing at Square Enix West. “Because one of the really important, unique aspects of Boundless is that - whichever path you choose within the game, and whichever role you play - you do it in a single, unsharded universe in full view of the entire player-base. Which means that your actions have real meaning.”

 Explore the universe in Boundless when it launches for PS4 and PC 11th September. 


Reece Armstrong

Reece Armstrong

Senior Staff Writer

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