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Boundless Leaves Early Access

The voxel building genre hasn't exactly been bereft of content over the years, and Early Access is certainly where most of them come from. However, after four years in Early Access, Boundless is leaving - and coming to PlayStation 4 at the same time!

You may be wondering when Boundless is coming out - good news, it's out today! Being distributed by the Square Enix Collective on PC, and self-published by developer Wonderstruck on PS4.

This launch is akin to the Big Bang in our eyes. In essence, we’re firing out the atoms to form a new universe that players will live, explore and create within, defining how it grows and changes with no input on our part. Players on PC and PS4 will be able to step from one world to the next - from one planet bustling with a packed, burgeoning metropolis to another, with a desolate, undeveloped landscape ripe for evolution.

 James Austin, Director, Wonderstruck

You may be wondering what sets this apart from other voxel builders. There is crafting, building, mining - but everything except the raw materials is player-generated. Trade with other players, help build a township, or discover a new world seamlessly through a portal. 

What's more, the game is cross-platform, allowing PC and PS4 players to game together.

Boundless is available on PC and PlayStation 4 now.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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