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Brave New Lands with the Kingdom Two Crowns: Call of Olympus Announcement Trailer!

Kingdom Two Crowns , the side-scrolling micro strategy game from Stumpy Squid, Fury Studios, and Coatsink, has taken us to many a locale, spanning from medieval kingdoms to Norse longhouses and 90s neighborhoods. With the announcement of the latest DLC, Call of Olympus, the next destination we are visiting has been set as the myth-filled land of ancient Greece!

Take on the heavy mantel of a Monarch (or two with co-op!) and step into the land of the gods, though things may not be quite how you imagine! Though the setting is definitely inspired and based on Greece, the area has a very Kingdom twist to it. Discover the Greedified mythos of the land and seek the favour of the gods, lest the hordes of Greed swallow you and your people whole. Find powerful upgrades to both your armies and your mount, command your troops and safeguard Olympus itself!

Kingdom Two Crowns: Call of Olympus is set to release sometime this year, 2024!

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Martin Heath

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