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Build the Galaxy’s Best Space Station

Build the Galaxy’s Best Space Station

Starport Delta is releasing 27th March by independent game developer Cloudfire Studios. Starport Delta is a real-time space management and strategy game. A campaign, free-play sandbox, and challenges will all be included. It will give players the ability to build, expand, and defend space stations from timed and event disasters, without dealing with personnel management.

Space is a dangerous place, and surviving in it can be hard. Players must defend their stations by building strategic defenses against enemies. Alien pirates can be found stealing resources from the player. Giant space worms who devour anything in their way. Space storms that will deactivate parts of the player's stations. Meteor showers which rain down and will destroy unprotected buildings. Radiation blasts which will endanger the lives of the residents on your stations. Players can combat these situations by upgrading their stations. By creating unique upgrade combinations, players can add bonuses and unique upgrade benefits from their buildings.

Campaign mode will have players taking the role of the Empire's troubleshooter, where the player will travel from station to station, improving overall efficiency for understaffed and careless commanders. Players will meet new friends and enemies as they journey through the campaign, harvesting resources and expanding their network.

Galactic Sandbox is the place where players will get to choose how they design, pursue challenges, and run their stations. Players will make complex and ethical decisions as they attempt to grow their stations. Players will need to balance station designs like mining, housing, and trade. Manage infrastructure and defense expenditures. Evacuating citizens or risking death from radiation blasts. Airlock or rescue problematic residents, but risk attracting the space worms Players will also micro-manage building maintenance, or let slower repair drones do it automated.

"We are very excited to bring a sci-fi city builder to players who are looking to cure that city-building itch. We are a small but dedicated team who love the genre and I think we have created something accessible to newcomers but that has plenty of depth for fans of the genre."

-Ian Shephard of Cloudfire Studios.

Starport Delta is coming to PC via Steam on 27th March.



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