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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Blocks Share Play

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Blocks Share Play

Activision have blocked Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players from using PlayStation 4's new Share Play feature, which allows players to try games hosted by their friends for brief periods.

Users on Reddit were the first to report that the publisher Activision had extended Share Play's "spoiler block" feature for the entirety of Advanced Warfare, effectively preventing players from using the Share Play feature at all.

Sony rolled out the new feature late last month, but at the time was tight-lipped about whether or not developers were on board with its sixty-minute trials. Share Play allows studios to block sections of a game from being shared to prevent spoilers, which is how Activision has managed to work around the feature entirely. 

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Speaking to CVG, an Activision spokesperson explained that because the Share Play function came as part of the recent 2.00 firmware update, the dev team hadn't had a chance to test it out for Advanced Warfare, and chose to disable it rather than use a feature they hadn't fully tested.

The publisher may enable it in the future, according to the spokesperson, once the developers have had a chance to familiarise themselves.

Ruth Krabacher

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