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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Exo Zombies Trailer

A story trailer for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare's upcoming Exo Zombies expansion has been revealed... and it looks pretty intense.

Starring John Malkovich, who joins fellow Hollywood legend Kevin Spacey in the Advanced Warfare cast, the Exo Zombie expansion is a more cinematic addition to the zombie mode we have seen in recent variations of Call of Duty.

Contained within the DLC Pack named Havoc and available as part of the Season Pass, the Exo Zombies expansion will be available to players in January. No exact date has as of yet been given.

Check out the fast paced trailer above, featuring wall climbing and extreme jumping zombies... perfect for this festive period. 


Dom D'Angelillo

Dom D'Angelillo

Staff Writer

Dom is an English Language graduate. How does he make the most of his degree? He plays obscene amounts of Playstation of course!

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Acelister - 02:52pm, 21st December 2014

Zombies < Fast Zombies < Power Suit Zombies

domdange - 07:52pm, 22nd December 2014 Author

Power Suit Zombies < John Malkovich... I reckon this is the beginning of top Hollywood actors offering themselves to AAA titles now