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Carmageddon: Crashers Announced

Stainless Games, the ones behind the pedestrian-splatting Carmageddon series, have opted for something different with their newest title. No, they haven't gone for a survival game - they've gone for less pedestrians and a mobile game instead.

In Carmageddon: Crashers, the aim of the game is just that. To crash. Two cars start at opposite ends of the drag strip, and have to face each other down in a game of chicken.

• Crazy race fans who love to play “chicken” with your car
• A wild variety of classic Carmageddon cars to collect
• A host of visual Upgrades for your cars
• Sponsors to boost your winnings
• Power Ups that boost your impact force, or zappers to fry the race fans as you roar down the road

You can find Carmageddon: Crashers on the App Store and Play Store, for iOS and Android now.

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djdawsonuk - 08:18pm, 7th August 2017

Had a play - seems to be quite good fun, if a bit limited in scope.

Haven't hit the wall that's intended to make me spend money, yet.