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Case of Lindsay Lohan vs. Rockstar Games Thrown Out

Case of Lindsay Lohan vs. Rockstar Games Thrown Out

Remember that time Lindsay Lohan tried suing Rockstar games for using her "likeness" in Grand Theft Auto 5? You might not, after all, the Grand Theft Auto franchise is no stranger controversy. But unlike the claims of the game causing violence or that it's ruining children, Lindsay Lohan claims it's ruining her image and that a particular character within the game looked "too much like Lohan". 

It wasn't just that, though, as in a document that swelled to 67 pages, also claims that they copied her features including her blonde hair, voice, and facial features.

Fortunately, the appeals court of New York state came to their senses and have thrown the case out. The verdict? Well, at the end of the day, just like a many number of products, places, and people in the world of Grand Theft Auto it's all fiction and falls entirely under satire. The court even went one step further by saying that the character in game isn't even Lohan and just some random character.

Case closed. Well, perhaps not just yet as Lohan's team intends to appeal, so we wouldn't be surprised if we hear more at a later date.

Calum Parry

Calum Parry

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Acelister - 11:03am, 7th September 2016

Go, Lohan! Teach those game developers that they can't parody your insanely comedic life.