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Catalope Games Announces Skeletal Dance Party

Catalope Games in collaboration with No Studio In Particular have announced their next game in the form of an undead dance party title featuring bouncy physics. 

Skeletal Dance Party 2018 07 01 12 46 23

Titled Skeletal Dance Party, the release is a follow up to the Skeletal Dance Simulator title and brings a full narrative experience. Players will play the role of Reva, a young fox-eared necromancer on a quest to hold the biggest, funnest, most awesome party of all time for her new friends. These happen to be reanimated skeletons but that doesn't matter for this party. 

Players will cast spells, solve puzzles, and bring enemies back from the dead to dance towards the goal of hosting the best party that any necromancer could dream of. With the whole title being physic-based, you can expect to see a number of brilliant moments through the title which are sure to offer plenty of laughs. You can see the title in action in the above trailer to get an idea of what to expect. 

Catalope Games was was always the creative mind behind the build and battle spaceship title Scrap Galaxy which was praised highly in our review earlier this year.

Skeletal Dance Party is planned to release around Halloween, 2018.

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