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Cathedral Releases on Switch

Retro-styled metroidvania Cathedral has released on the Switch, adding one more arrow to the quiver of renowned retro-inspired titles available on the system. Check out the game's expansive non-linear world and head-bobbing soundtrack in the trailer above.

Developer Decemberborn Interactive has teamed up with publisher Elden Pixels to release the Switch version of Cathedral.  The initial PC release, which launched in October 2019, was self-published by Decemberborn. Despite the gap between releases, there appears to be no differences between the two versions of the game. The recently released Switch version of Cathedral offers exactly the same experience as the 2019 PC version.

As a nameless knight with no memory, you must team up with a helpful spirit known as Soul to uncover the secrets of the vast world you find yourselves in. You'll need to explore the realm, collecting five powerful orbs, each defended by a powerful guardian who'll bestow you with a new power upon defeat. In true metroidvania fashion, these powers will help you reach new areas and further explore the game world.


Cathedral is out now on Switch; it's also available on PC.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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