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Celebrate Thanksgiving in Automachef's Latest Update!

Hermes Interactive and Team 17 have announced the latest update to their automated restaurant management simulator, Automachef, and this time they're celebrating the Thanksgiving season!

In Automachef, players will design and program different restaurants to run perfectly under a set of unique variables. Each restaurant will serve as a different puzzle scenario, requiring a carefully though-out solution that makes use of the various appliances around the kitchen.

This Thanksgiving themed update will bring three new levels to Automachef and an electric oven appliance, perfect for handling that Thanksgiving turkey. Naturally for a restaurant simulator, a range of seasonal recipes also bulk out the existing roster of available dishes, some of these new dishes include: roast sweet potato, roast turkey, pumpkin pie and cornbread.

The Thanksgiving update is available for Automachef now on Steam, GOG and Nintendo Switch. On Steam, it's currently discounted for £7.26 and it costs £10/£10.99 on GOG and Switch respectively.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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