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Check Out Haunted House Renovator's Official Reveal Trailer!

Although October might be over, we spooky folk are always on the lookout for new titles to keep our Halloween vibes going. Well, developer Images Power S.A. and publisher PlayWay S.A. have something in store for us all — Haunted House Renovator!

Whilst the name might make you think you'll be renovating houses and adding ghosts, it's quite the opposite — in this upcoming title, we'll be the first-ever paranormal renovator, and our job will be to visit the haunted homes and remake them into something people would actually buy! Of course, this means we'll have to hide at least some of the skeletons... or will we?

Customers won't only judge what wallpaper you've used, as they'll be hoping to purchase a safe location where they can grow old and raise their babies. This means you'll need all your ghost-busting equipment and face off against all sorts of paranormal activity! Some might just leave with some holy water, but don't expect the job to always be easy, as others might require much more effort, going as far as drawing magic circles! That being said, there are some mentions of being able to just hide away the haunted areas and hope no one notices. Hopefully, this will be actually part of the gameplay, as it would add a twist of comedy as we attempt to hide our laziness!

If you're interested in the premise, you'll be happy to know that the developer is planning on releasing this first-person title with numerous types of paranormal "cases", different locations around the world, and a large selection of interior decoration! Images Power has also mentioned that there will be multiple ways to deal with hauntings.

Keep an eye out for Haunted House Renovator! While there's no release date yet, you can already join the game's Discord server for easier access to any updates and incoming news. And, of course, you can always check in here at GameGrin, where at least one of us will have their eyes peeled (me)! In the mean time, check out the trailer right here on GameGrin!

Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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