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Check Out These New Trailers for Capes

Capes is an upcoming turn-based superhero tactics game developed by Spitfire Interactive, and to prepare players for launch, they've released two brand new Hero trailers. In these trailers, we're introduced to Mercurial and Weathervane. However, these are only two heroes that you can expect to level up and play as while uncovering the heroes' pasts in the campaigns and side missions available.

Here's what we know about Mercurial. She is known for her superhuman speed and raw power, having experience as a professional combatant and street fighter in the past. Upon discovering her powers, Mercurial knew that she had to join the Capes if she didn't want to be captured by The Company. As she fights, time will slow down around the player, making her a perfect character for those who want to move quickly while also still packing a punch. 

But what about Weathervane? Weathervane was a promising college football player with big dreams to go big. He was known for blowing through the competition, but no one realised how he could take that literally. Upon discovering his abilities to control the weather, he accidentally unleashes his abilities and is kidnapped by The Company. However, luck is on his side when he's saved by the Capes, whom he joins to get revenge against those who captured him. With his powers, he can shock multiple enemies at once with lightning, and he can use the wind to collaborate with allies and manipulate surrounding objects.

But who is The Company? Well, they're the antagonists who experiment on those with powers for their Enhancement Program, run by the supervillain, Operator Alpha. Each character has their own personal storyline that you can uncover more of by completing side missions alongside the campaign. 

If you're interested in Capes, you'll be pleased to know that it will be released on 29th May. It'll be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. There will also be a King City Edition, which will launch simultaneously and includes the full game with the Supporters Pack, which is chock full of extra content. So, why not check it out for yourself? 

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