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Crossout Adds New ‘Leviathans’ Game Mode

Pitting the biggest and deadliest machines against one another, Crossout, the post-apocalyptic vehicle-based MMO by Targem Games, will soon be introducing a new mode called "Leviathan." Previously only available as massive, raid boss type PvE foes, the new game mode will put players in charge of the game's largest vehicles, the titular Leviathans, for the first time.

The Leviathans mode is a ranked mode will put players on clan teams of four, with one player manning the custom Leviathan and the rest in their regular vehicles.

Constructed from the ground up using individual parts, Leviathans feature different weapons, armor, and support systems like shield generators, drones, and more. Their main difference lies in their sheer size, allowing them to carry significantly more of everything compared to a regular vehicle. Captains will be able to match their Leviathan layout perfectly with the strategy of their team, e.g. by focusing on strong defensive capabilities, overwhelming long-range artillery armament or by maintaining tactical flexibility by building a vehicle balanced between offense and defense.

Top players each week will be gifted with uranium, a special resource that can be used to craft rare weapons or sold for a healthy profit in the market.

Brienne Rose

Brienne Rose

News Writer

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