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Crusader Kings III Increases Character Ugliness in Latest Update

The latest update (1.2) for Paradox Development Studios' Crusader Kings III has brought a slew of changes, fixes and additions (full changelog here). Most notably, aside from a full "Ruler Designer" feature, is the design choice to make ugly characters in the game even uglier. 

Paradox acknowledges that players of both Crusader Kings III and earlier entries in the series have long revelled in the ability to create their own rulers, forcing them to suffer from all manner of nasty physical traits and diseases—often to wildly exaggerated consequences. Now, according to statements released by Paradox Interactive, these unsightly characters will both "have more exaggerated facial features" and "look more believably ugly". Quite how these two statements go hand-in-hand we're not sure. Perhaps Paradox believes that comically large ears and ludicrously wonky eyes are normal?

Whatever the case, we're looking forward to seeing what the Crusader Kings fanbase does with the new Ruler Designer feature and the ugly overhaul.

The 1.2 update is out now for Crusader Kings III on Windows, Mac and Linux

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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