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Cult of the Lamb Biggest Discount Yet and Incoming Major Content Update Coming Soon

Cult of the Lamb Biggest Discount Yet and Incoming Major Content Update Coming Soon

Rejoice, fans of Cult of the Lamb, for our leader, Massive Monster, has promised a next major content update! Whether you're new to the game or a long-time fan, it seems we'll all be getting a special treat in early 2024: Sins of The Flesh.

For those who might not know this adorable yet dark title, Cult of the Lamb is an action roguelike game where you'll take on the role of a lamb who, after being saved by a being from certain death, becomes indebted and needs to build up a cult and venture off to spread the Word. What makes this such a charming title despite all the murder and insanity is the cutesy graphics and cult part of the gameplay, where you'll take care of and bond with a myriad of followers. 

Sins of the Flesh teaser cult of the lamb content update

Unfortunately, there's not much information for the upcoming update except a few details here and there, namely that it'll be packed with new features, stories, "and more" and that it's coming very, very early in 2024. Thankfully, we can almost safely assume it'll have tons of great additions to the game because of the previous content updates and cross-overs! But it's not all bad news, especially for newcomers! Currently, Cult of the Lamb is at a whopping 40% discount, and if you get it now, you might just have enough time to enjoy the game (and all of the bonus content) before the next update. 

Check out what our writer (me) had to say about Cult of the Lamb in our review! And if you're still unsure why it's Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam, you could also read our articles, which cover topics from what you can do in-game to why our writer thinks it's a fantastic amalgamation of a ton of genres! Don't forget to pick it up before the Steam Autumn Sale ends, as the discount will only be available until the 28th of November. 

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