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Cult of the Lamb Dev Clarifies Unity Stance

Cult of the Lamb Dev Clarifies Unity Stance

The changes Unity is proposing for its game engine and platform has turned a few heads, with some developer going as far as threatening to remove their games from circulation in protest. As one of our writers covered in her article, the impact Unity's runtime fee may be far-reaching. One of the developers who threatened to remove their game if nothing was changed was Cult of the Lamb dev Massive Monster. In an X earlier this week, the dev informed everyone that the game would be gone come 1st January.



Image in case of future deletion.

After this statement, however, Massive Monster has taken a step back and clarified the viral stance. In a post on Steam, they clarified that they are NOT deleting the game. While a reason for their change of heart is not given, they do mention that the change will hurt them and cause delays for their future projects, as they specialize in the use of Unity, requiring them to acquire a completely new and different skillset.

As they navigate this new and threatening situation, Massive Monster has stated that they  are still hard at work, promising a new major content update to come! Let's hope it's not the last.

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Martin Heath

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