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Daybreak Games Lay Off Staffers

Daybreak Games Lay Off Staffers

Here's one for the "saw that coming" file, Daybreak Games have announced that a number of staff will be laid off.

Recently sold to Columbus Nova,  a New York-based investment firm, the public face of the company has been buoyant, but in private, staff have told Kotaku, that they have been informed the layoffs are in order to make the company profitable.

When you consider that one of the victims is reported to be David Georgeson, the man who has served as the face of EverQuest, the company must need to slash the costs a fair bit it would seem.

 A press release sent to Kotaku read as follows: 

As part of a strategic decision to rationalize the business, Daybreak Game Company announced today that it will eliminate positions in both its San Diego and Austin studios. This alignment of resources better positions the newly independent studio for future growth opportunities and developments, including delivering on its legacy of making top online games and establishing a solid foundation for future multi-platform success. These reductions will not affect the operation of current games and the company will continue on its mission to partner with its player community to drive the future and push the boundaries of online gaming.

Chris Wootton

Chris Wootton

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