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DC Universe Online Launches its 10th Anniversary Event

DC Universe Online Launches its 10th Anniversary Event

Superhero MMO DC Universe Online is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the return of the "Attack of the Anti-Monitor" event, bringing limited-time missions, rewards and raids to the 10-year-old title.

First released for the game's sixth anniversary in 2017, Attack of the Anti-Monitor saw players travelling to the future and saving Earth, now on the brink of collapse, from a Qwardian invasion. Just like in 2017, players will be able to team up for a unique Event Raid and Elite Raid; play through limited-time daily, weekly and bounty missions; as well as earn an array of all-new rewards.  

It may have been 10 years, but DC Universe Online is still putting up a fight. More information on the Attack of the Anti-Monitor event can be found on the DC Universe Online website.

The 10th anniversary Attack of the Anti-Monitor event is live for DC Universe Online on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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