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Dead Rising 4 Getting Quality of Life Update

Dead Rising 4 is getting a big update in the coming weeks that will address a number of fan requested features and improve the overall quality of the game. 

Dead Rising 4 was released back in December 2016 and was met with mixed reactions. Now the game is making its way to PlayStation 4 in 'Frank's Big Package'. The above video mentions some of the new features that will be included both in the new release and as a free update to the already released versions. 

Both human enemies, including the maniacs, along with the normal zombies will be getting a big AI overhaul. The maniacs will also see changes to the way they act making their fights more meaningful, challenging and rewarding. The weapons that they carry will also now be rewarded to the player after completing the fight. New distress calls are going to be added as well that will offer players six new side missions along with the change to get more rewards. These range from escort missions to taking pictures (snap happy).

Controls will also get improved responsiveness, faster zombie awareness, more aggressive pursuits, rebalanced weapon distribution and so much more. The video above gives you a quick overlook at some of the aforementioned features. 

Dead Rising 4: Frank's Dig Package will release on PlayStation 4 on 5th December, 2017. 

Nikholai Koolonavich

Nikholai Koolonavich

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Calmine - 10:09pm, 1st October 2017

It'll still be even more lifeless compared to the original Dead Rising. 

NikholaiChan - 10:25pm, 1st October 2017 Author

You bet.