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Dead Rising 4 Soundtrack Released

Dead Rising 4 Soundtrack Released

The dead are rising once again in the fourth chapter of the popular zombie series, coming soon. To help get you in the mood for killing the undead, Capcom and Sumthing Else Music Works have released the soundtrack to Dead Rising 4.

The music will available iTunes, Sumthing.com, and other music sites from the second of December. Priced at $9.99 (or your local equivalent), it's the perfect soundtrack to the slaughter of the formally living. The full score comes in at a whopping four hours long, much longer than a regular music album, making sure that you get your money's worth.

Now, Capcom haven't let the near festive release of the game go amiss here either. As an early Christmas present for fans of the game, they've released 12 Christmas songs from he game for free, ahead of the soundrack's full release. To download these free tracks, visit http://www.sumthing.com/deadrising4 and enter the code: dr42016.

"Dead Rising 4's soundtrack is best described as - atonal zombie action meets Classic Christmas in the Midwest," said Oleksa Lozowchuk, Dead Rising 4 composer and soundtrack producer. "Our hero, Frank West, returns to Willamette, Colorado this holiday season, amidst a glorious cacophony of Americana, swooning sounds of Christmas cheer, and pure orchestral horror bliss."

Gary “Dominoid” Sheppard

Gary “Dominoid” Sheppard

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