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Death Stranding's Photo Mode Coming to PS4

Death Stranding's Photo Mode Coming to PS4

Death Stranding is set to release on PC this summer with a highly talked about expanded photo mode. PS4 players won't be left out in the rain, but instead will get an update that gives the player even more new ways to take pictures on their journey across the country. Director Hideo Kojima revealed on this official Twitter account that the PS4 version will be getting the PC version of expanded photo mode before the PC version releases. The studio's goal is to have it out by the end of the month with a title update.

The update will let players take images of the protagonist Sam, while players explore the world and deliver supplies. Formerly, players could take images while Sam looked into the mirror in his room (yes, including funny faces). Filters and text will be available for images that the player takes, turning the cross-country trek into a photoshoot at times.

Death Stranding releases for PC on 2nd June 2020. This release will include a high framerate option and ultra-wide monitor support, as well as Half-Life content.



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