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December's PlayStation Plus Games for PS4 Already Revealed

December's PlayStation Plus Games for PS4 Already Revealed

In the same blog post that talks about Wednesday's update (North America already had theirs Tuesday), Chris Howe revealed more than November's games.

Beyond that, in December we’re adding Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition and Secret Ponchos to PS4′s IGC line up

That means that December will be the first time an AAA Blu-ray title has come to the Instant Game Collection on PS4, with Injustice. That's not all, as he goes on.

Then in January, we’re adding inFAMOUS First Light and The Swapper for PS4.

 So it's good news for those expecting a PS4 for Christmas!

Or perhaps it is a clever ploy to get people to decide they would rather a PS4 than an Xbox One.

He finishes off the preamble with an assurance that the DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition will be put up just as soon as Evolution Studios has finished it.

He then goes into what games are in the IGC this month - but you already checked that out didn't you?

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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