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Deep Rock Galactic Update 33 Coming Soon

Deep Rock Galactic Update 33 Coming Soon

Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games, the minds behind the co-operative mining experience Deep Rock Galactic have announced a release for the highly anticipated Update 33, called New Frontiers. The update offers mission overhauls, as well as two new playable biomes and a plethora of new Mectora to kill. The two new biomes, Azure Weald and Hollow Borough, are perilous new regions that have been located on Hoxxes VI, that harbour dangerous, carnivorous secrets among its mineral-rich caves. Several changes to existing missions have been made to allow gameplay to run smoother when playing them, and the update also offers a streamer-friendly mode, with eight ‘safe’ new music tracks being available for all players.

The New Frontier update for Deep Rock Galactic will be launching on 4th February for Windows, with the Console version receiving the update the following week on 11th February 2021. The full patch notes for New Frontier can be found below.

Read the full patch notes
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