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Deep Rock Galactic Update 33 Launch Trailer

The highly popular four-player mining co-op game Deep Rock Galactic has received its most recent major update, and its first update of the year, Update 33, also called New Frontiers. Players that clock into the game can enjoy a massive haul of new content, including two new biomes, Azure Weald and Hollow Bough, complete with new enemies. Alongside the new biomes and enemies, New Frontiers also brings new specifications for the Elimination, Salvage, and Point Extraction missions. Elimination missions will now feature two new Dreadnought variants, Salvage missions allow you to now interact with the broken M.U.L.E to locate its missing legs, and Point Extraction missions have received a new model for the Minehead machine, to make it more in line with the other tech that was introduced in Update 32.

The New Frontiers update for Deep Rock Galactic is available now for Windows and Xbox One.

Luke Greenfield

Luke Greenfield

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