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Deep Rock Galactic's Game-crashing Bug Has Been Fixed!

Deep Rock Galactic's Game-crashing Bug Has Been Fixed!

Sometimes, the weirdest things can cause the oddest issues in games. A bug allowing speedrunners to skip half the game, a backwards hop letting Mario go through a door; these issues are usually fun or just annoying. There are, however, the less frequent game-breakers that developer Ghost Ship Games ran into: a hat.


Pictured: Hat, overcooker of CPUs

What was to be a celebration of being nominated for the Steam awards, the Jagged Bugbasher from Deep Rock Galactic soon turned out to be more of a spectacle than expected! For some strange reason, the millinery miscreant caused PCs running older Ryzen CPUs to crash! Thankfully, this bug has now been fixed (we or they don't know how), so now miners on the PC can log into the game to claim their beloved headwarmers — as long as they do it before 29th January 12:00 GMT. Console gamers can expect to see the majestic cap in the coming weeks.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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