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DEMON GAZE EXTRA Release Date Trailer

First released in 2013 on the PlayStation Vita, Kadokawa Games is releasing an updated version of Demon Gaze for the PlayStation 4 and Switch, titled DEMON GAZE EXTRA.

In this dungeon crawler you take on the role of an amnesiac who can control android-like demons with their Demon Gaze, and make them help out in battle. Explore the labyrinths of Misrid, and between missions head to Bounty Hunter HQ to interact with a host of characters.

As well as enhanced graphics, the EXTRA version comes with several, well, extras. You can speed up battles, there's a retry function and even an "autopilot" function. These are to aid newcomers to the genre so that they give the game a chance. There is also a new job category, Machina, and a New Game Plus.

DEMON GAZE EXTRA is coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch on 9th of December 2021.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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