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Déraciné Launches in November on PS VR

This week, FromSoftware announced that their upcoming PS VR game Déraciné will be releasing in November.

Directed by Dark Souls and Bloodborne creator Hidetaka Miyazaki, Déraciné is a little (or a lot) more subdued than his other projects. You play as faerie, invisible to all other humans, who is taken to a secluded boarding school, occupied only by six students and a headmaster. There's a mystery to solve, and you'll be able to interact in subtle ways, such as leaving objects lying around for the real world people to find.

“This title got its start when I asked myself whether I could recreate the classic adventure game with its relaxed pace in virtual reality, giving users an entirely unique experience,” Miyazaki told journalists at E3 2018.

The announcement trailer is above if you never caught it. Déraciné will release on the 6th of November, exclusively for PlayStation VR.

James Martin

James Martin

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