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Destiny 2's Second Expansion Leaked?

Destiny 2's Second Expansion Leaked?

Data miners have reported to have found information on Destiny 2's next expansion: Heralds of Nezarec. Currently unconfirmed by Bungie or any valid sources, this leak has information regarding in the expansion's overall content. As with any leak or rumor, until confirmed take the following with a pinch of salt. The details are as follows:

  • Set on Saturn's sixth Moon: Enceladus
  • Story led by Ana Bray and the warmind Rasputin
  • Two new enemies: Frames and Heralds
  • 10 Story Missions
  • 3 Strikes

But just who is Ana Bray? As a quick catch-up, her surname is linked to the Bray corporation that was the founding company behind several golden age technologies, one of them being SIVA. There are also ties to the Bray's in Destiny 2 in a hidden room in the City's social space, where their history is apparently being removed. Given her notoriety in the Battle of Six Fronts, where her Golden Gun shots left pools of light that still remain to this day. She was very much presumed dead for good.

One last thing to note about this leaked information is the two new enemies. Frames are often associated to the robots that Shaxx controls and were instrumental to the Battle of Six Fronts. Whether or not they're the same is up for speculation, but given previous history and encounters with Rasputin. The fact he may consider us an enemy is up in the air, and given the lack of SIVA's presence (despite being shown during early Destiny 2 press events) It might be making a return. As far as information is available for the Heralds, or what they could be, only a few lore tabs refer to Nezarec so there's not much grounded information available.

Other data mined information is related to the potential return of the live event Crimson Days. Meant to symbolise Valentines day, the original Destiny brought the game mode Crimson Doubles. Whether or not that will return isn't confirmed either, but with information regarding ornaments for certain exotics having been found it does seem likely. 

Once again, this information is all rumor until confirmed but given it has been data mined, there is a high chance this could come real. Let’s hope Bungie reveal more soon and we will find out for sure in the next expansion. 

Owen Chan

Owen Chan

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