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Developer_Direct 2023: Redfall Trailer

2023’s Developer_Direct from Xbox & Bethedsa showed off plenty about Redfall, Arkane Austin studio’s new vampire-based shoot ‘em up. Players will control one of a number of different characters as they try to take back Redfall, Massachusetts from the vampires and cultists that have invaded it.

Different characters come loaded with different abilities, including invisibility, teleportation, and the ability to tag enemies — all handy abilities when you're stuck in a nightmarish open world. That's not to say there is no one else around though, as you can either tackle the game with friends or interact with the NPCs scattered around the world; some NPCs offer side missions while others are instead victims within them.

The game seems to be a great amalgamation of what we expect from a studio as meticulous as Arkane mixed with the frenzied fun of Left 4 Dead. When there's nowhere left to hide, combat breaks out, it seems fast paced and hectic, as mob enemies attempt to overwhelm the survivors with sheer numbers or a boss character tries to do the same but with brute strength instead. Arkane being Arkane though, players can try their hand at stealth if they prefer, essentially turning the hunters into the hunted. Generally, Redfall does seem to encourage trial and error and the player tackling it exactly how they’d like.

The showcase also revealed a number of vampires too, including the Syphon, Shroud, Rook, and Underboss — all of which have their own abilities to cripple the player with. Vampire nests are also things for the player to bring down, and their heart (yes, a literal giant human-like heart) must be destroyed and the survivors must escape before the collapsing lair kills them.

Being an open world, Redfall also contains a lot of the recognisable tropes associated with those types of games; items can be looted from containers, random encounters occur, character perks and progression, and there is a variety of weapons. Some weapons are based on real-life military firearms, while others are sci-fi inspired vampire obliterators. Players can even find unique stakes around the world and attach them to their weapons.

Redfall is due to release on the 2nd May 2023, and will be available on Xbox X|S, PC, and through Game Pass.

Niall Cawley

Niall Cawley

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