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Diablo 3 Will Run at 60FPS on Nintendo Switch

Diablo 3 Will Run at 60FPS on Nintendo Switch

Blizzard announced earlier this month that Diablo 3 will be launching on Nintendo Switch, and has recently confirmed what performance we can expect on release.

When docked, Diablo 3 will output on the big screen at 960p, and when on the go it'll switch down to 720p. Both modes will run at 60FPS, which will be music to the ears of many.

The port took around nine months to complete, according to senior producer Pete Stilwell. It will include all DLC released to date, as was included in the Eternal Collection edition. Progress can't be transferred from another system, unfortunately, so you'll have to start anew should you already have the game elsewhere. The online portion will also utilise Nintendo's new paid online subscription service, launching next month.

Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch has a tentative release date of autumn 2018.

James Martin

James Martin

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