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Disco Elysium Gets Brazilian Portuguese Support in Latest Language Update

Disco Elysium Gets Brazilian Portuguese Support in Latest Language Update

ZA/UM's critically acclaimed RPG Disco Elysium has been fully localised for speakers of Brazilian Portuguese, the most widespread version of Portuguese in the world. 

The update, led by a team of hand-picked fans, brings the game's localisation offering to a total of five languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Korean and Portuguese Brazilian), with more in the works.

According to information on ZA/UM's website, the upcoming language updates are all nearing completion:

  • French - 99% Complete - Managed by Testronic.
  • Traditional Chinese - 95% complete - Managed in-house by ZA/UM working closely with a "senior literary author" to effectively translate the themes and tone to the language.
  • German - 94% complete - Managed by Testronic.
  • Russian - 90% complete - Managed by Testronic, supported by a community team.

As a game focused so heavily on interactions, dialogue and theme, it stands to reason that ZA/UM would take localisation so seriously. No more official localisations have been publicly confirmed, but it would come as no surprise to see the title spread and make its million-word script available in all languages that demand it.

Disco Elysium is out now for PC and Mac. Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are planned for release in 2021.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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