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Disney Mirrorverse Global Release

Fans of Disney and Pixar will be thrilled to hear that Disney Mirrorverse, a mobile RPG title, is out now worldwide!

Delve into the world of the Mirrorverse and take control of some of the most iconic characters throughout Disney and Pixar in their "Guardian" forms to fight back the relentless threat — the Fractured. 

Disney Mirrorverse Official Announce Trailer Pre Register Now 0 49 screenshot

Experience a story crafted explicitly for the title and explore story quests, real-time combat, and Disney- and Pixar-inspired events to acquire unique characters, awards, and progression items. Once you finish the main story, enjoy monthly content releases, including more story and event quests to keep you busy. Even better, explore the ever-expanding storyline as it grows every couple of months.

This is just a taste of the content available in Disney Mirrorverse. Check out the release trailer and the game on mobile stores to learn more!

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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