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Disney Speedstorm Season 2 Trailer and Information

Disney Speedstorm is officially entering its second season ever since its Early Access release on the 18th of April 2023!

The lively trailer showcases a lot of the changes coming with this new update, including new environments to play in, such as nine circuits set in Andy's Room; new characters, including various characters from the Toy Story cast; and a lot more!

Aside from everyone's favourite toys joining the roster, fans will also be delighted to hear that Disney Speedstorm will feature two new game modes — Color Match and Follow the Leader.

to infinity and beyond news disney speedstorms season 2

Colour Match: it's time to get the racing on! Go through item boxes that match your racer's colour to get a speed boost and reach the finish line before everyone else!
Follow the Leader: every racer leaves a trail that speeds others that go along it, meaning the fun of racing never stops as anyone could take the first place!

The new update for Disney Speedstorm is out now, so make sure you check it out!

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