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Dome Keeper Releases Drillbert Mode

Dome Keeper, an atmospheric roguelike mining game, has added a brand-new game mode. Drillbert Mode equips players with one Drillbert and blast mining at the start of a run, with the possibility to unlock many more as you go. And that's not all, players won't be able to upgrade any mining abilities in Drillbert Mode, and this update also features a new location called The Madrilla Cave, housing the Madrilla, Mother of the Drillberts.

Drillbert Mode is one of the many free updates Dome Keeper has seen in the past few months as developer Bippinbits works on balancing the game as well as adding fun new gadgets and quality-of-life improvements. This update also comes with a new patch that adjusts the run modifiers for Relic Hunt, balanced iron and water in Double Iron Mode, and fixed the countdown variant in prestige.

Dome Keeper Screenshot

You can unlock Drillbert Mode at any point during the month of April. The developer also noted on Steam that this will work “if your computer believes it is April 2023”, so that future players can also access it. Once it's unlocked, it's yours forever. Dome Keeper is available to play now on PC via Steam.

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

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