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Don't Starve Together Celebrates Lunar Year with Seasonal Event and Twitch Drops

Don't Starve Together Celebrates Lunar Year with Seasonal Event and Twitch Drops

A ton of different games are jumping in to celebrate the Lunar Year, which is awesome because it gives us gamers something to look forward to! One such game is none other than Don't Starve Together, which is celebrating it through its Year of the Dragonfly Event! This means fans of this co-op survival craft will have a few items on their in-game to-do lists to snag some of the goodies.

Before we talk about the event itself, I'd like to mention that there will be some Twitch Drops, too! Beginning on the 8th of February and ending on the 7th of March, you'll be able to get the Nouveau Tent, Nouveau Tent Icon, and the Nouveau Tent Portrait! All you have to do is go watch any of the following Twitch channels to get the drops:

As for the seasonal event, players will be able to make offers to the Dragonfly Shrine to be able to build Dragon Boat Races. These can be used to compete either against friends or Charlie's shadow in a high seas race of speed and manoeuvrability! But don't worry about failure, as you'll be able to construct longer or more elaborate checkpoints. 

dont starve

And possibly one of the most exciting things for those who have some cash lying around is the Masquerader Survivors Chest II, which contains skins for Wanda, Wigfrid, Wurt, Maxwell, and Wilson!

That's all for now! Go off and enjoy the seasonal event and snag some Twitch goodies. But before you run off with your friends to try to survive another in-game year, don't forget that the Twitch Drops have a deadline! Make an account and get those drops to really go along and celebrate this Lunar Year time.

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