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DOOM for Nintendo Switch Using Custom Engine

DOOM for Nintendo Switch Using Custom Engine

DOOM on the Nintendo Switch has been custom built for the console and won't include the game's SnapMap level editor, a Bethesda spokesperson has announced. 

Speaking in an interview with USGamer, the spokesperson noted:

“DOOM on Switch is custom-built for the hardware and while graphics won’t be 1:1 with other platforms, the game will deliver the amazing DOOM look and feel that fans are excited to get on Switch.”

The exclusion of the SnapMap level editor will be a disappointment for some as it offered players an almost unlimited amount of extra content through the community hub. Likewise, the cartridge for DOOM on the Nintendo Switch will only include the campaign and the multiplayer will need to be downloaded as a free update at launch. 

Though it is a shame that DOOM on the Nintendo Switch won't be the complete package, it is still a stunning showcase of both the console and developers id Software's technical achievement. 

DOOM is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with the Nintendo Switch release coming later this year. 

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