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Dread Hunger Set to Launch on PC 10 November

Digital Confectioners, an independent PC and console games studio, announced that Dread Hunger, its multiplayer game of survival and betrayal where players undertake a deadly voyage, will officially launch 10 November on Steam.

Dread Hunger is social deception game that immerses players in an 1850s Arctic exploration voyage where eight player-controlled Explorers depend on each other for survival. However, two of players are secretly Thralls who are determined to sabotage the mission.

The game mixes action-adventure gameplay in an icy Unreal® Engine world with roleplaying and social deception over voice chat. The unique combination has attracted millions of video views and an 86% positive user review score during Early Access launch.

In preparation for the global rollout, the game received a new update that highlights a more social player experience. The new Dread Hunger “Bad Medicine” update strengthens social gameplay while deemphasizing player vs. player combat. It also adds the powerful new Armory team objective, a new model for the Doctor, and other content.

“We’ve been listening closely to player feedback over the last few months, and one thing that kept coming up was a consensus that the game was a ‘PvP game with Social Deduction elements,’” said Alex Quick, Creative Director of the Dread Hunger Team.

“To many of our players, the most rewarding and unique aspect of Dread Hunger is the shock of an unexpected poisoning, or the subtle manipulation of a masterful liar that leads to distrust (and mutiny!) aboard the ship. With this update we are striving to bring those elements to the forefront, and make Dread Hunger more of a ‘Social Deduction game with PvP elements.’”

Dread Hunger depends on the players roleplaying to bring life to their chosen character through voice chat while simultaneously completing objectives. The six Explorers must work together to gather resources to power the steam-powered sailing ship towards its destination while contending with the harsh climate.

Meanwhile, Thralls will be plotting to poison food, massacre crewmembers, blow holes in the ship, and invoke dark magic to undermine the mission while simultaneously pretending to be fellow loyal Explorers. Starvation, wolves, cannibal attacks, and other gruesome fates are abound, and any misplaced trust can quickly lead to a knife in the back. When food is sparse, fellow crewmates appear more and more appetizing.

Some of the Dread Hunger's key features include:

  • Survive the Arctic - Build fires to stay warm, fend off predators, and hunt for food to stay alive in the unforgiving Canadian Arctic
  • Betray Your Friends - Feed them tainted food, lure animals to attack them, hex them with blood magic, or if all else fails, shoot them in the back and blame someone else
  • Roleplay Your Character - Add flavor and personality to your character by using integrated voice chat and your in-game actions. Play as the Captain, Navigator, Engineer, Cook, Doctor, Chaplain, Royal Marine, Hunter, or Engineer, all equipped with a unique starting kit and passive ability.
  • You Are What You Eat - In the Arctic, you must make grim choices to stay fed; butcher bodies and use the pieces as weapons or food
  • Captain a Ship - Steer a 19th century warship around (or into) icebergs and find coal for the ever-hungry boiler to keep the ship moving or to blow it up
  • Brave a Perilous World - Plan around a full day and night cycle while trying to outrun a massive blizzard that looms over the expedition
  • New Armory Secondary Crew Objective - The Armory can provide powerful weapons to Explorers or Thralls, depending on who manages to unlock it first

Dread Hunger, is anticipated to be released with the price tag of $29.99 / £23.79 / €24.99 on PC via Steam 10 November. Digital Confectioners are exploring options to bring the game to other platforms following its PC launch.

Joshua (Shnook)

Joshua (Shnook)

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