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Dungeon, Inc Now Available for Mobile

PikPok has announced the release of their fantasy-meets-office incremental clicker game, Dungeon, Inc is now available from the App Store and Google Play.

In Dungeon, Inc players have to manage the gold production branch of a corrupt corporation. You have to do everything necessary to maximize profit. In order to do this and please the corp execs of the nefarious business and the big boss, you have a tap, build and expand the dungeon. As you progress, you also have to hire devious staff to protect your dungeon from tax knights and rival dungeons.

If you’re fans of the tap mobile genre of games then be sure to check this one out for your mobile device.

Check out the launch trailer above for a gameplay look.

Calum Parry

Calum Parry

Staff Manager

A bearded fellow whom spends most days gaming and looking at tech he can never afford. Has a keen eye for news and owns a dog that's a bear.

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