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EA Abandons the "SKATE" Trademark

EA Abandons the "SKATE" Trademark

EA has been building up the hopes of Skate 3 fans over these past couple of years. From cryptic social media hints, to the surprise revival of Skate 3's online servers and even a renewal of the "SKATE" trademark early last year. It's been looking more and more likely that the beloved skating franchise would return to consoles after almost a decade of silence. 

Alas, all the anticipation may have been leading to nothing, as the "SKATE" trademark has once again been abandoned by EA and is now available for anyone to file. It's only possible to speculate what may have transpired behind the scenes to prompt the renewal and subsequent abandonment of the trademark. A fourth mainline entry in the series may have entered production and been cancelled, it's also possible that the trademark was re-filed in an attempt to prevent other developers and publishers from taking the name.

Whatever the cause for this may be, Skate fans are unlikely to let this news slip by unquestioned. The barrage of "Skate 4" related social media enquiries and questions faced by EA employees in the past is a testament to the enthusiasm fans have for this dormant franchise.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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Acelister - 07:22pm, 10th November 2019

Was the SKATE series better than the last skateboarding game I played - Tony Hawk's Pro Skateboarding 3?