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Eresys Early Access Release Date Trailer

An exile of your cult has opened a portal to horrors that have killed several humans. Now, it is up to you and up to four friends to collect the necessary materials and leave offerings at altars to close the portal. 

Eresys, the co-op cultist survival title where you'll have to take control of cultists to close a portal opened by an ex-cultist, officially has a release date. The two-minute gameplay trailer showcases various H.P. Lovecraft-inspired monstrosities that you and your fellow cultist will have to face in order to survive. Time is of the essence — can you close it in time before more innocents are injured?

Eresys Release Date Trailer Gameplay Screenshot

Close the portal when Eresys releases on Steam Early Access on the 20th of April!

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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