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eSports Tournament Launch: Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

eSports Tournament Launch: Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

We have a copy of Football Manager 2018 (for PC) to giveaway! However, this isn't your typical giveaway. To get this prize you'll need to win our Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 tournament. Please note that only residents within Europe can enter. Read on for details!

How to Register:
Follow the link here to register for our Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 tournament. 
Join our official Discord channel here to live chat during the tournament. 

1. Players will need to register by 15:00 on Tuesday 7th November to be eligible to participate. 
2. Players will need to join the "Discord" server and join our tournament hub for 18:55 so we can start on time at 19:00.
3. Players must be present at 19:00 on Tuesday 7th November for the beginning of the tournament.
4) Players will need a copy of PES 2018 on PlayStation 4 with online capability.
5) Players will need to create a match room in Online Lobbies. (Lobby TBA on the night)
6) Any lag issues MUST be brought up to the admin DURING the game and not after.
7) Should any grievances or queries arise, players MUST communicate this clearly and respectfully in the #gg-tournaments hub.
8) The winner of this tournament will receive a copy of Football Manager 2018.

In-Game Rules:
Team: Club sides ONLY
Rules: Extra Time and Penalties OFF for group games, ON for knockout games 
Half Length: 6 minutes (12 minute game)
Stadium: Choice is at the discretion of the home team
Time of Day: Night
Weather: Fine/Clear
Pitch Conditions: Dry & Short

Group games will be a one-off fixture. If two players are on equal points the standings will be decided in this order: Goal Difference > Goals Scored > Goals Conceded > Head-to-Head Results. If during the knockout phase a game is played over two legs, away goals WILL count. Good luck to all our entrants, and we hope you have a great experience gaming with GameGrin! 

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Nathan Hunter

Nathan Hunter

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