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Explore Joltville in Tower of Fantasy's New Update!

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio have revealed a new trailer for Tower of Fantasy's 3.2 update for The Dragon Grove. 

The Dragon Grove is Tower of Fantasy's next major expansion for the open-world MMORPG. You'll find that in the heart of Domain 9 is a brand new map for Wanderers to explore, known as Joltville. 

Joltville is the administrative hub and tech research centre, which is marked by treacherous mountains and valleys for you to traverse to reach it. Here, you'll find the second generation of sundial technology, the Infinite Sundial. Joltville is also the epicentre of the Qinglong's Might, which has the most expensive trading hub in the Domain, Tianhe Bazaar.


Consisting of the Dragon, Rabbit, and Tiger Countries, you'll find a host of new wildlife and exotic creatures, and with new enemies that you'll have to fight. These enemies include the Cursed Armour, who are the most dangerous and appear to have no weaknesses in battle. You'll also find the new boss, Taotie, who is a high-ranking Darkness entity. Of course, you'll also have to worry about the dangerous native creatures, including the Herba and Folium Tigers, and the Crystalline Salamanders and Hatchlings.

You'll also find a new simulacrum, Huang, who will also be introduced. Madam Huang is the chief of the Azure Guards and the head of Joltville's Tianzhang Pavilion. Known for being both meticulous and eccentric, she uses her absolute power to battle against all forms of injustice.

If you're interested in the latest update, consider trying it out when it arrives on Tower of Fantasy on PC and mobile devices on the 5th of September.

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