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Fallout 76: Steel Dawn Introduces the Brotherhood of Steel

The next free content update for Fallout 76, titled Steel Dawn, is almost here. When it releases on the 1st December, players will get their first taste of the Brotherhood of Steel, the iconic faction of the Fallout series dating back to its first entry in 1997. Check out the reveal trailer above.

This first chapter of the game's ongoing Brotherhood of Steel-focused story also adds new locations, NPCs, armour, weapons, building options, general improvements and more. Additionally, it will also precede the start of a new in-game season (due to start 15th December).

fallout 76 steel dawn screenshot

Is that what I think it is? Somebody call the Dragonborn!

Since its rocky (to say the least) launch in October 2018, Bethesda has worked tirelessly to improve its massively multiplayer Fallout experiment, introducing a myriad of free updates, fixes, overhauls and content additions. While most Fallout fans, despite these improvements, would still claim to prefer a traditional Fallout title, there's no denying that Fallout 76 has become a better game than anyone could have ever expected in the two years since its launch.

Fallout 76's Steel Dawn update will release for free on the 1st December for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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