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Fans Don't Like Yandere Simulator Developer's Latest Video

Fans Don't Like Yandere Simulator Developer's Latest Video

In the latest update to hit their blog, titled How Long Does It Take To Make A Video Game?, YandereDev listed some things which have delayed the highschool murder simulator during its currently four year development.

This update hasn't impressed certain sectors of the fanbase, however, as several posts with titles such as 'Patreons, stop giving YandereDev your money.' and 'This game is going to die.' popping up on the subreddit since the update came out.

It seems that these posts, and memes criticising or insulting YandereDev, made their way to the Discord server too, because most of the rooms went private. Apparently now only subscribers to the Twitch channel are able to view any of the, though YandereDev maintains that this was to stop spam from people who may not have been fans.


The reddit posts generally consist of people unhappy that "feature creep" and an apparent unwillingness to work with others. One of these "others" includes allegedly falling out with a programmer provided by tinyBuild, which may explain why we haven't had an update about the publishing partnership since March last year.

Currently, YandereDev's Twitch and YouTube channels are still up, as is their $4,000+ per month Patreon. Yandere Simulator is scheduled to come out "When it's ready", the new release date given in the update.

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Andrew Duncan


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