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FIFA 18 E3 Announcement Trailer and The Journey

It's finally here, EA Sports have made a number of announcements for the upcoming FIFA 18. In the short trailer released earlier this month, we saw Cristiano Ronaldo heavily featured, with a number of his traits wonderfully captured - which we are told will allow players to utilise his blistering pace, and world class technical ability. 

Dubbed 'player personality', the likes of Raheem Sterling and Antoine Griezmann will have their real life styles replicated onto FIFA 18. The gait of Sterling, and the close control of Griezmann appear to have been displayed, which is welcome news in terms of the ever-growing realism that fans of FIFA should happily receive. The Journey will also be making a return, with the success of its debut in last year's FIFA 17 obviously being a contributing factor. Players will once again be able to play as Alex Hunter and build him up from a Sunday League footballer, to potentially winning the Champions League. Players will be able to play through the story mode with a friend on a game-by-game basis too. 

For now, you can watch the above trailers which feature the release trailer for FIFA 18, as well as The Journey, which will once again feature in this game. 

Nathan Hunter

Nathan Hunter

Staff writer

A man who’s in a long-term relationship with Liverpool FC. Gaming, music and his love of the weather follow narrowly behind.

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