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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Coming to Switch and PS4

Square Enix has recently announced that it is releasing a remastered edition of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Crystal Chronicles was a spin-off originally released on 2004 for the GameCube. It saw a band of heroes attempting to save their world by restoring a magical crystal.

It also had a multiplayer system, one of the first Final Fantasy games to do so. You could link up multiple GameBoy Advance systems so others could control individual characters on the smaller screen, whereas the GameCube continued to output the overall action onto the bigger screen.

The trailer above hints that multiplayer will be returning, and we expect it'll be a much simpler multiplayer system that is employed - although they could utilise local Vita multiplayer functions on PS4.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is expected sometime in 2019 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

James Martin

James Martin

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