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Final Fantasy VII Out Now On iOS

Square Enix have announced that Final Fantasy VII is out now for iOS devices. 

Special features for the mobile version include:

  • Simple and comfortable virtual controller design that enables a clear view of the action.
  • The ability to choose between virtual analogue or fixed four-way digital control pad options.
  • Adjustable opacity of on-screen controls through the configuration menu.
  • Option to turn enemy encounters off on the world/area maps* and a Max Stats command that enables players to become all-powerful in the blink of an eye.

Final Fantasy VII is often heralded as the best in its series, having sold over 11 million copies worldwide since its release on the PlayStation in 1997.

If you're yet to play the classic JRPG, it's available to download now for £11.99/€15.99 from the App Store.



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domdange - 11:44am, 21st August 2015

FFS when are they going to remake it for current-gen... oh, wait. Now I'm sick of it, it's everywhere, do something new!!!

Acelister - 12:47pm, 21st August 2015

Three of those "special features" are about the controls...

domdange - 04:55pm, 21st August 2015

Imagine that on consoles:

  • The ability to press X and select items
  • The ability to press TRIANGLE and enter a menu
  • Analogue sticks which move your character
domdange - 04:56pm, 21st August 2015

Don't get me wrong. I'll play this, still feels a touch steep at £11.99 though

Acelister - 08:16pm, 21st August 2015

£11.99? Isn't it like £8 on the PSN? Oh, no Easy Mode on PSN...