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Find Joy in the Rustic Side of Life With the Steam Farming Fest

Find Joy in the Rustic Side of Life With the Steam Farming Fest

Have you ever felt the call of the rustic life, leaving behind the high-speed life of the modern age, with its constant barrage of technology, ads, and pervasive issues? Well, while we can't exactly give you a farm, we can, however, recommend taking a look at the currently ongoing Steam Farming Fest! This festival gathers all the down-to-earth titles into one easy collection, allowing you to put down some roots, throw on a pair of wellingtons and see the land evolve around you.

Featuring such delightful titles as the recently released Manor Lords, the beloved Stardew Valley, newcomer Rusty's Retirement, and boundless others, there is sure to be a title to scratch your agricultural itch. And they're on sale! If that's not enough, you can also check out some free demos and upcoming titles, in addition to snagging some fun freebies on the Steam Points Shop!

The Steam Farming Fest is running until the 6th May, so get that sunhat on before it's over!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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