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Find Out How the (Massive) Way Dead by Daylight Is Celebrating Halloween

Good news for fans of Dead by Daylight, a lot of horrors are returning for this year's Halloween celebration! Check out the trailer above for a look at the reveal trailer, but read on for the short-and-sweet of it!

Beginning the 18th of October and spanning until the 6th of November, Haunted by Daylight returns! Additionally, the Void Realms will be arriving, which is a Realm created by The Entity where it discards its playthings. For the first time ever, this spooky place will be explorable, and it will impact gameplay aspects for both the Killer and the Survivors.


Players who want to have something to work towards can also look forward to the Daylight Event Tome, where players will be able to earn all sorts of rewards, such as Survivor Skeleton Shirts, Killer Candy Weapons, Charms, and Outfits. This time around, the developer promises that the rewards will be easier to keep track of via the Store & Collection screen.

If you thought that was the end of it, think again! To properly celebrate Halloween, there will be new and returning Collections, such as The Void, Tricks and Treats, and Hallowed Blight! Check out the full blog post on Steam for even more in-depth information here!

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